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Other Boats

At present, our fleet comprises 20 vessels and is continuously expanding. Here you can look at our other boats that sail under our flag.

Our fleet also includes the following boats.

  • restaurant cruiser
  • used for sightseeing cruises
  • can fit up to 185 people
  • the boat has a sunny, partially covered deck and salon
  • restaurant cruiser
  • capacity of 164 people
  • the boat has an air-conditioned hall and a small salon
  • one of the smallest and youngest boats in our fleet
  • can be used for sightseeing cruises or private rental
  • equipped with a boat-wide sound system and has an air-conditioned main salon
  • maximum capacity is 164 people
  • Praha was built in 1983
  • completely renovated in 2004
  • there is an air-conditioned salon, newly fitted interior and partially covered deck
  • the Porto sightseeing boat is air-conditioned and heated
  • it also has a restaurant and bar
  • the boat was launched in 1983
  • it was modernised and completely refurbished in 2005
  • the boat is 37 metres long and 5.4 metres wide
  • seating capacity inside the boat is 90 people
  • the sundeck can fit 95 people
  • equipped with a boat-wide sound system