Bohemia Rhapsody Boat

Bohemia Rhapsody

The newest and most advanced boat not only in our fleet, but also in the whole Czech Republic. Its concept is similar to our boat the Grand Bohemia, which is a year older and slightly smaller. The Bohemia Rhapsody is used for sightseeing cruises and can also be rented for private events.

Facts about the boat:

  • launched on 7 May 2015 from the ecological harbour in Prague's Kampa district
  • departs from the ecological harbour in Kampa on regular cruises and private events 
  • offers guides to Prague's monuments in 8 languages
  • the name is derived from the company's Bohemian tradition and its indisputable nobility
  • the boat was built in the Bolle shipyard at Derben, Germany in 212 days
  • it was first launched in April 2015
  • the boat also has a separate hybrid engine

Capacity & technical parameters:

  • the boat can operate year-round thanks to its powerful air-conditioning system, solar-powered temperature control and ventilation 
  • the air-conditioning system allows excellent visibility even in rainy weather
  • the specially insulated deck prevents noise and vibrations
  • a retractable glass roof covers the boat's single deck
  • the boat's displacement is 176 tons
  • the 226 horsepower engine can power the boat at speeds of up to 20 km/h, making it one of the fastest passenger boats in Prague
  • it meets the most stringent European technical standards – the engine produces extraordinarily low emissions and is very quiet
Seated capacity - dinnerMax. capacityCapacity - cocktailsLengthWidth
150 200 200 44.97 m 7.54 m

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