Elektronemo Solar Boat

Elektronemo Solar Boat

The Elektronemo Solar-powered Boat is a unique vessel.

Facts about the boat:

  • solar-powered electric motor with solar panels located on the roof of the boat
  • launched in 2010
  • the boat is used for regular cruises and sightseeing tours from the dock in Kampa
  • it is designed to be used in cities as it is quiet and does not produce any emissions

Capacity & technical parameters:

  • the boat has two electric motors with maximum horsepower of 4.4 kW
  • the traction battery has a capacity of 1,200 Ah
  • the solar panels produce 3 x 128 W of power
Max. capacitySubmersionLengthWidth
25 0.35 m 10.2 m 3.2 m



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