Rent one of our small, ecologically-friendly boats for you and your party and enjoy a private cruise through romantic surroundings with unique views of the city.

Choose from one of our nostalgic mahogany boats (Šárka, Libuše, Vlasta), a modern horseshoe catamaran (Šemík) or an aquacabrio (ElvíraMistr Jan Hus, Electronemo).

The captain will be at your service, so it's up to you to decide where the boat goes and what you would like to see during the voyage. The advantage of small boats is that they can take you to places that larger boats cannot, such as Certovka and Křižovnický Island.

Private boat rentals are also a popular element of our wedding packages, providing a unique photo opportunity whilst the celebrations continue for family and friends on the main boat. 

Private hire of small boats

The price of the cruise includes:

  • possibility to choose your own route
  • boat captain
  • guided tour of monuments and points of interest in Czech and English
  • printed tour script in 14 world languages

What you can see:

Something extra:

  • other world languages possible upon request (extra fee)
  • refreshments availabe (see below)


  • The cruises start at Čech Bridge, it is also possible to start from the eco-friendly dock at Kampa by Charles Bridge.

Duration: 50 minutes


You can buy refreshments on the boat, please choose from the menu. It is necessary to order it in advance.

Boat rental prices

  • Šárka, Libuše, Vlasta (capacity 8 people)
  • 160 €
  • Bivoj boat (capacity 10 people)
  • 200 €
  • Šemík boat (capacity 10 people)
  • 200 €
  • Mistr Jan Hus boat, Elvíra boat (capacity 25 people)
  • 240 €
  • Electronemo boat (capacity 25 people)
  • 240 €

Cruise Timetable

  • March to October daily
  • depending on the weather

Terms of reservation

We recommend to book the cruise approximately a week in advance. In case of unsuitable weather the cruise can be changed to a different time (based on vacancy) or moved to another day. In case of vacancy the booking can be made the same day.

Private hire of small boats

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