Šárka Boat

Šárka Boat

Šárka (as well as Bivoj, Libuše and Vlasta) is a small boat used for sightseeing cruises along the Vltava and is moored in Prague.

Facts about the boat:

  • first launched in April 2009
  • the boat was built by hand from mahogany in Italy 
  • powered by a unique hybrid electric motor

Where will Šárka take you:

Capacity & Technical parameters:

  • the boat has a 11.8 kW electric engine

Šárka, Libuše, Vlasta:

Max. capacitySubmersionLengthWidth
8 0.4 m 6.36 m 2.15 m


Max. capacitySubmersionLengthWidth
10 0.4 m 7.16 m 2.47 m

Šárka Boat


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