Noleggio privato di piccole imbarcazioni |

Noleggio privato di piccole imbarcazioni

Noleggiate per voi e i vostri amici una delle nostre piccole navi di lusso ecologiche e intraprendete un'escursione privata piena di romanticismo e belle vedute.

Potete scegliere una delle nostre barche di mogano nostalgiche (Bivoj, Šárka, Libuše, Vlasta), un moderno catamarano (Šemík, Horymír) o un'imbarcazione di tipo aquacabrio (Elvíra, Mistr Jan Hus, Elektronemo).

Il capitano della nave sarà a vostra disposizione, quindi sarete voi a decidere il percorso dell'escursione e i luoghi da ammirare.

Il vantaggio delle piccole imbarcazioni è che vi portano in luoghi dove le grandi navi non possono: il canale Čertovka ("Del diavolo") sotto il Ponte Carlo presso Křížovnický ostrov ("Isola dei Crocigeri").

Il noleggio privato di piccole imbarcazioni è molto popolare anche in caso di matrimoni sulle nostre navi più grandi. Vi garantiamo la privacy assoluta e la professionalità del capitano.

  • possibilità di scegliere il percorso dell'escursione
  • il capitano della barca privata
  • guida turistica che fornisce informazioni sui monumenti e le attrazioni in ceco e inglese
  • guida turistica in un'altra lingua previo accordo e ad un costo aggiuntivo (italiano, francese, tedesco, russo, spagnolo)
  • guida cartacea in 14 lingue
  • il Ponte Carlo e le sue volte dal fiume
  • il canale Čertovka ("Del diavolo") e il "Mulino del Gran Priore" (Velkopřevorský mlýn)
  • il panorama del Castello di Praga, del Teatro Nazionale e del Rudolfinum
  • Křižovnický ostrov ("L'Isola dei Crocigeri") e altre isole praghesi
  • guida turistica in ceco, possibile anche in altre sette lingue
  • il rinfresco del bar dell'imbarcazione durante l'escursione
marzo - ottobre giornalmente in base alle condizioni climatiche

Per quest'escursione consigliamo di prenotare circa una settimana prima della data di partenza. In caso di cattivo tempo, è possibile posticipare l'escursione di qualche ora nella stessa giornata (in base alla disponibilità) o ad un altro giorno. In caso di disponibilità, è possibile prenotare anche il giorno stesso dell'escursione.

Le imbarcazioni partono da Čechův most (Ponte di Čech) ed eventualmente dal pontile ecologico di Kampa presso il Ponte Carlo.

Sull'imbarcazione è offerto un rinfresco secondo il nostro menu. Il rinfresco va ordinato in anticipo.

Aperitifs - min 10 persons

  • Bohemia sekt – Brut 0.1 l
  • Prosecco Frizzante 0.1 l
  • Prosecco DOCG Valdobbiadene 0.1 l
  • Champagne Pierre Gobilard Brut 0.1 l
  • Champagne Pierre Gobilard Rosé 0.1 l


  • Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite 0.33 l
  • Kinley Tonic Water, Ginger Ale 0.25 l
  • Nestea Green Tea 0.2 l
  • Cappy Orange, Apple, Strawberry, Grapefruit 0.25 l
  • RED BULL 0.2 l
  • Bonaqua still, sparkling (table water) 0.25 l
  • Römerquelle still, sparkling (natural mineral water) 0.7 l


  • PILSNER URQUELL 12° (can) 0.33 l
  • Dark beer (please check for daily offers, bottle) 0.33 l
  • Non-alcoholic beer Radegast Birell (bottle) 0.33 l

White wine (0,75 l)

  • Tenuta Maiolo Lugana DOC, Itálie, Lombardie  
    The wine is yellow in colour with a delicate fruity and flowery bouquet and tones of fresh almonds.The full flavour corresponds to the bouquet.  
    The mineral character of the wine is complemented bynotes of yellow melon and herbs. Ideal with saltwater fish.
  • Donnafugata Anthilia Sicilia Bianco IGP, Itálie, Sicilia  
    Made from Catarratto and Ansonica grapes. Crisp and complex, with a good body, mineral notes, scents of pear, white peach and a hint of grapefruit.
  • Marchesi de Frescobaldi Castell di Pomino Bianco, Itálie, Toscana  
    A complex aroma of apple, Williams pear and banana, with tones of jasmine, hawthorn and acacia honey with a citrus finish.  
    A powerfully elegant flavour with a velvety fragility and a delicate balance of all components.
  • Gewürztraminer, AOC, A. Zirnhelt, Francie, Alsace  
    The Gewürztraminer variety achieves its full perfection in the Alsace region.  
    A golden colour and a deep and full scent reminiscent of exotic fruit, roses, grapefruit and pineapple. An extensive, rich and complex wine.
  • Chablis Emile Durand, Francie, Bourgogne  
    Classically pure and crisp Chablis. The aroma is dominated by the gentle scent of apples and cream tones. Sparkling, lively and firm on the palate with a mineral structure and a touch of honey in the finish.  
    Recommended with salads, starters or seafood, especially
  • Pálava, late harvest, medium-dry, Sommelier Select, Czech Republic, Moravia  
    Mikulov subregion, village of Popice, Panenský kopec Vineyard. A captivating scent of exotic yellow fruit, cloves and blossoming tea rose.  
    The honey taste will surprise you with tones of ripe pears and honeycomb. The long finish is characterised by hidden undertones of lychee and cinnamon.
  • Chardonnay & Pinot Blanc, land wine, dry, Krásná Hora Winery, Czech Republic, Moravia  
    Slovácko subregion, village of Starý Poddvorov. A beautiful wine with a bouquet and flavour of fruit, nuts and sour cream.  
    A very balanced wine matured in oak barrels. We recommend serving it with pasta and cream sauce or with soft cheese.

Rosé wine (0,75 l)

  • Tussock Jumper Grenache Rosé, Francie, Provence  
    A soft, dry rosé with real regional character reflecting the terroir of Provence.  
    Subtle raspberry and cherry aromas followed by a bright and fresh flavour. An impressive wine that can be enjoyed on its own or with food.
  • Tenuta Maria Carlote Rosato IGT, Itálie, Toscana  
    This radiantly coloured wine has a powerful aroma of raspberries with gentle violet tones.  
    The flavour is very consistent with good acidity, light tannins and a nice mineral finish.

Red wine (0,75 l)

  • Monte Antico IGT, Itálie, Toscana  
    A ruby coloured wine with garnet glints. This wine has a complex bouquet with a combination of small-stoned fruits such as cherries and sour cherries, with a hint of stewed raspberries and a touch of cinnamon, mycelium and leather.  
    Its flavour is full, spicy, elegant and balanced.
  • Cutaja Nero D´Avola IGT, Itálie, Sicilia  
    The ink-coloured wine has a distinctive aroma with tones of overripe plums, vanilla and leather. The taste is full with distinctive notes of plum jam, blackberries and fresh sour cherries.
    The finish features pleasant tannins with a vanilla undertone. Grand Prix Vinex gold medal winner.
  • Marchesi de Frescobaldi Pomino Rosso Pinot Nero, Itálie, Toscana  
    An intense fruit forest aroma mainly of red currant and raspberry, a touch of balsamic vinegar and mint.  
    A flavour of dark chocolate and coffee, with silky tannins enhancing the long finish.
  • Petits Folies, Francie, Languedoc  
    This sexy wine is a wonderful cuvée of 60% Merlot and 40% Cabernet Sauvignon made for Moulin Rouge. An aroma of ripe fruit, blackberry and blackcurrant with tones of mocha and vanilla.  
    A rich, full-bodied and juicy wine with a balanced and fruity finish.
  • Figure Libre Freestyle Gayda, Francie, Languedoc
    A vibrant and expressive wine with an aroma of red and black berries, red peppercorns and aromatic herbs. An explosive full flavour of silky tannins, ripe blackthorns, crushed herbs and a light liquorice finish.  
    A fantastic wine from the best winery in Languedoc in recent years.
  • Châteauneuf-du-Pape A.O.C Armand Dartois, Francie, Vallé du Rhône
    As is typical for Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the aroma is characterised by warm, elegant and spicy tones with a touch of dark chocolate and sweet red fruit.
    The elegant and velvety flavour with a solid base and a very long finish is backed by a fine aroma of sweet spices and cocoa.
  • Cabernet Moravia, late harvest, dry, Glos Winery, Czech Republic, Moravia
    Slovácko subregion, village of Moravská Nová Ves. Made from a variety cultivated by Mr. Glos in the Czech Republic, this interesting wine is characterised by a bouquet
    of blackcurrant, blackberries and orchard fruit. The taste is full, with low acidity and a distinctive fruitiness. Tones of blackcurrant, blackberries and herbs emerge in the flavour.

Sparkling wine & Champagne (0,75 l)

  • Luna Argenta Prosecco Brut DOC Treviso - 20 €
    Typical prosecco with more sparkle. In the bouquet we can feel the light touch of flowers and fruit flavors in the form of peaches and apples.  
    The taste is pleasant, fresh with a light sugar content.
  • Prosecco Corner di Valdobbiadene, Itálie, Veneto  
    A sparkling wine that stands out for its combination of diverse aromas, from flowers and fruit to honey, acacia blossoms and apricots.  
    Mild and dry due to its very pronounced acidity. Ideal for any time of the day, this wonderfully refreshing wine is light and versatile.
  • Pierre Gobillard Brut Authentique, Francie, Champagne
    An effervescent Champagne that maintains a beautiful stream of fine bubbles. The colour is golden yellow.  
    The aroma is elegant and round, the flavour features the mature aroma of dry fruit and a hint of honey.
  • Pierre Gobillard Rosé Premier Cru, Francie, Champagne
    The colour is a pastel pink with slight salmon tones. The aroma of jasmine flower offers hints of exotic fruit.  
    The flavour is fine and refreshing with a touch of pink grapefruit.

Cold canapés

Minimum order of one kind of canapé is 30 pieces

  • Mozzarella with a cherry tomato and basil pesto
  • Roquefort mousse with walnuts and grapes
  • Brie cheese with a strawberry
  • Stuffed mushrooms baked with bacon and parmesan
  • Smoked Norwegian salmon with lemon chutney
  • Prosciutto crudo di Parma with a yellow melon
  • Roast beef with Dijon mayonnaise
  • Smoked Prague ham, cheese and pickles with herbs
  • Camembert with cranberry jelly served on white bread
  • Hungarian sausage served on wholesome break with pickles and fresh cream cheese
  • Emmental cheese with fig chutney served on white bread
  • Canapé with smoked trout, frisée salad and lime peel
  • Duck breast marinated in Port wine

Finger food

Minimum order of one kind of finger food is 30 pieces

  • Marinated plums in brandy wrapped in pancetta
  • Zucchini quiche with parmesan
  • Chilli peppers with feta cheese and nuts
  • Sun-dried tomatoes and chorizo with cucumber concasse

Minimum order of one kind of finger food is 20 pieces

  • Goose or duck foie gras
  • Tiger prawns with tarragon

Special requirements


  • Waiter/Waitress

Corkage fee

  • Corkage fee

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