The Bella Bohemia is the first fully electric boat in its class to sail in Prague. This state-of-the-art sightseeing vessel is another distinctive ship in our ecological fleet.

It was named Bella Bohemia to reflect the Czech tradition of the company and was included in the "Bohemia" series of boats, which features other modern ecological boats such as the Grand BohemiaBohemia Rhapsody and Agnes de Bohemia.

It is used mainly for sightseeing cruises, which are a beautiful experience also thanks to the upper open deck and the ubiquitous glass walls of the boat.

Grand Bohemia

Facts about the boat:

  • arrived in Prague in October 2019
  • quiet and emission-free operation
  • sails on regular cruises or is rented out for private events
  • built in the German Bolle shipyard in Derben
  • moored at the Kampa marina

Technical parameters:

  • catamaran type vessel
  • internal deck of the ship has a capacity of up to 250 seats
  • great views thanks to the glass walls
  • upper observation deck with panoramic views
  • year-round operation – air-conditioning and heating
  • runs purely on electricity

  • Seated capacity - dinner
  • 0*
  • Max. capacity
  • 250
  • Capacity - cocktails
  • 100
  • Length
  • 25.09 m
  • Width
  • 9.60 m

* Catering on this boat is not available.

Bella Bohemia

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