Autumn River Cruises 2012 |

Autumn River Cruises 2012

With the autumn the cruises on the Vltava River are far from over. On the contrary, the boats in the Prague Boats' fleet sail on regular cruises from early morning until late evening.

Which cruise to take in the autumn?

From the Čechův Bridge (the end of Pařížská street) there are:

One-hour cruise

The boats sails from the Čechův Bridge towards the city beyond Charles Bridge, then back down the river to the Hlávkův bridge and back.

Until 4 November the boats sail every half hour from 10:00 till 18:00. After that every hour, the last cruise begins at 19:00. Starting 5 November the first river cruise begins at 11.00 and then the others at hourly intervals until 21:00.

More about the one-hour cruise here.


Two-hour cruise

Like the one-hour cruise this cruise takes you to Charles Bridge but it does not sail back but continues through the Smíchov lock beyond Vyšehrad.

Until 4 November the boat departs daily at 15:00 and 16:30, from 5 November then just at 15:00.

More about the two-hour cruise through Prague here.


Cruise with lunch

The cruise with lunch lasts two hours and takes you through the lock beyond Smíchov under Vyšehrad, then back to the center of Prague to continue to the Hlávkův Bridge.

Until 4 November a cruise on a boat with lunch takes place daily at 12.00, from 5 November then every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

More about the cruise on the Vltava River with lunch here.


Cruise with dinner

The longest trip we offer, a three-hour cruise with dinner, begins each day at 19:00. The boat takes you beyond Vyšehrad, then back to the city to Charles Bridge and then it continues up to the Štvanice Island.

More about cruise with dinner here.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased right before the cruise in the Prague Boats office or online at our website.