Cleaning up Prague's embankments |

Cleaning up Prague's embankments

The environment and its protection is one of our priorities and we strive to operate our cruises in the most environmentally friendly way possible. However, it does not stop there, we also make sure that the surroundings of the Vltava River are clean, so we regularly clean up around the embankments and waterfront. 

Over the weekend we went to clean up Rašín's Embankment, the wharf at Kampa, Klárov and Dvořák's Embankment under the Čech Bridge.  Equipped with a mechanical trash extension arm, gloves, bags, and a net to catch trash from the water, which, thank God, we didn't have to use all day, we started the morning on Rašín's Embankment, waved to the just departing Vltava steamer, and got to work. 

We picked up about 5 kilos of garbage on Rašín's embankment, the most common being, and now hold on: limes. Then we moved on to Kampa, which was clean in the streets, but we found a lot of plastic and paper tissues in the grass. The situation was at its worst in Klárovo, by the banks of the Vltava, a popular spot for photographs and swan watching. We collected an incredible two bags full of rubbish at this place. We finished the clean-up at Dvořák Embankment, which was the cleanest of all the places.  

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