Composting brings us a step closer to zero waste

August 21 2019

PRAGUE BOATS has introduced a unique method of recycling organic kitchen waste that is effective, safe and completely environmentally friendly.

The newly installed GreenGood composter uses innovative technology that prevents the accumulation of waste by processing food scraps where they are created, i.e. right on our boats. Microorganisms, high temperatures and air reduce the waste volume by up to 90% while converting it to organic fertiliser. We use the composter to liquidate up to 70 kg of organic waste a day (500 kg per week) and to create 40–50 kg of compost, which is mixed into the soil to fertilise the trees on our “green” pontoons and the planters at the marina.

This closed loop allows us to process organic waste ecologically and to support the growth of vegetation at the marina, thus contributing to a better microclimate.

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