Grand Bohemia Arrived to Prague

The boat Grand Bohemia arrived to Prague on Sunday evening. Those who were hanging out by the Vltava River around that time, certainly couldn't have overlooked it.

That is a completely new and unique boat. The boat was built in the German shipyard Schiffswerft Bolle GmbH Derbe. From there she went at 8:00 pm May 1st, upstream on the Elbe. Only the German part of the Elbe the ship sailed 371 km.

Later, in Hřensko the ship sailed in the drag assembly with a stern-wheeler tow boat Beskydy. Thanks to the tow boat it overcame the last regulated and difficult to navigate stretch already on Czech territory until the lock chamber Střekov.

Another difficult point was the passage of the historic Hořínský channel over which there are  several low-span bridges. It was therefore necessary to reduce the water surface in the channel. Even this passage was a success thanks to a great effort of the Vltava River Basin workers. In total the boat has sailed incredible 520 km.

We have prepared for you some photos. Let us introduce you to Grand Bohemia.

Grand Bohemia Arrived to Prague

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