Meet Bella Bohemia - our new ecological boat! |

Meet Bella Bohemia - our new ecological boat!

Ecology, sustainability and responsibility have long been among our top priorities. We have completely freed ourselves from plastics, improved the local microclimate and cleaned our surroundings, however, we decided to go even further and were the first in Europe to have a completely ecological boat built, powered only by electric batteries.

The modern catamaran was named Bella Bohemia, it is a quiet vessel that produces no emissions. The boat is the work of the Czech architect of Brazilian origin Vera Hampl, its walls are glazed, so the boat is ideal for year-round sightseeing cruises through Prague. Inside the boat there is a viewing open deck and a bar. The interior is very modern.

The emission-free catamaran is powered by battery-powered motors with a total capacity of 100 kWh and a voltage of 600 volts. The batteries, located under the deck floor, are powered by electric motors with the ability to rotate 360 °, which guarantees excellent maneuverability. This type of electric motor was used for the first time as the main drive. We are truly excited about the Bella Bohemia and we are definitely not done with greening our fleet!