We’ve launched an online guide in six languages on our cruises

July 30 2019

PRAGUE BOATS introduces the new interactive guide for its cruises. The guide is available for free at www.pbguide.cz via the free WiFi on our boats, and features descriptions of monuments in 10 languages and commentary in 6 languages.

The online guide includes:

  • a detailed description of the monuments visible during the cruise in 10 languages (Czech, German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Korean)
  • a photo gallery for each monument
  • geo-location of where the boat is at any given moment
  • audio commentary in 6 languages (Czech, German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish)
  • online facts quiz

Our One-Hour Cruises still offer the timed audio commentary in 8 languages (Czech, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Italian).

Where to find us

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