Mother of cities? Does this sound a bit exaggerated? Visit it and see for yourself.
Prague was founded in the 9th century AD and is one of the most beautiful European capitals. Its founding and flourishing predicted as the legend has it by the Princess Libuse who said the city´s glory would reach the stars.

The historic center is a UNESCO site and historical monuments are truly one of the biggest attractions. Not only that, you can see Prague Castle, which is according to the Guinness Book of Records the largest coherent castle complex in the world, but you can continue to tour innumerable palaces, churches and town houses.

Everything is in its original form, so you can spend all day with the feeling that you have transferred to a completely different era. Prague boasts with buildings already out of the Romanesque period, probably the most monuments from the Baroque period and many are built in Art Nouveau style. One of the Art Nouveau jewels that you quite certain to come across while walking through Prague is the Municipal House.

If you want to relax, eat well and continue to enjoy the sights of Prague a great choice is then the dinner cruise on the Vltava river. The river flows directly through the city center, therefore it allows you to enjoy the unique atmosphere.

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