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Bubenské Embankment

Bubenské Embankment leads from the Negrelli viaduct along the Holešovice market to the street of Komunardů. From there it is interrupted up until the Jateční Street, from which it goes under the Libeňský Bridge to the Holešovický port.

Today's appearance of the waterfront in the vicinity of the market dates back to 1925 - 1930 when the space behind the Holešovice slaughterhouse was being arranged. Today, there is a market hall. Before that the Vltavská Street led along the river in these places.

After 2002, construction was made in the maintenance and flood control measures. Today, in the port area and behind the Holešovice train station there are mainly industrial and transportation facilities set along the river.

You have the opportunity to see Bubenské Embankment on one of our longer cruises.