The Cecílie is one of the biggest vessels in our fleet (and anywhere) on the Vltava River.

Cecilie Boat

Facts about the boat:

  • the boat is equipped with a boat-wide sound system
  • after the most recent complete renovation the boat is dressed in splendid attire and has an attractive design
  • the boat is air-conditioned
  • the boat has a boat bar
  • separate decks allow passengers to move between the front and back of the boat
  • in addition to traditional and regular cruises the Cecílie is also used for special trips

Cruises on the Cecílie are for:

  • people interested in an original day-trip party
  • people who love to dance and who want to meet new people
  • groups of students looking for an original place to get together
  • participants in company events in a non-traditional venue and atmosphere
  • teambuilding training with a creative atmosphere
  • groups involved in themed events
  • single men and women looking to meet someone special
  • everyone who loves having fun and cruising up (and down) the river

  • Seated capacity - dinner
  • 220
  • Max. capacity
  • 400
  • Capacity - cocktails
  • 200
  • Length
  • m
  • Width
  • m

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