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Holešovické Embankment

Holešovické Embankment was created by an adjustment of the natural bank of the Vltava River at the Holešovice in 1890. It is located between the north end of the today's Partyzánská Street and the southern bridgehead of the Barikádníků Bridge.

The district of Old Holešovice, however, was demolished in 1978 during the construction of Holešovické relocation, the railway station and the underground station. Therefore, the embankment has eventually disappeared and turned into a private area of transshipment and reservoirs.

The name remained only to the communication that followed eastward the bend of the Za elektrárnou Street at the underpass under Holešovická rerouting and continued under the tram bridge towards the north end of the Partyzánská Street. Today, for the most part this is not an open street and even in some of the plans of Prague Holešovické Embankment is no longer marked at all.

You can view Holešovické Embankment in an unconventional manner aboard of one of our boats and steamboats, if you take any of our longer cruises.