A cruiser with a spacious salon and bar. Check out the boat's appearance after its complete renovation in 2014. It is best suited for company events, private celebrations or weddings.

Labe Boat

Facts about the boat:

  • the Labe cruiser was first launched in 1981
  • over the decades it has undergone several modifications
  • it was completely refurbished and modernised in 2014
  • it has a spacious main salon and bar in the front
  • the boat is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter
  • the interior is equipped with a boat-wide sound system
  • a bar and small refreshments are available

  • Seated capacity - dinner
  • 60
  • Max. capacity
  • 70
  • Capacity - cocktails
  • 70
  • Length
  • 37 m
  • Width
  • 5.5 m

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Where to find us

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