Old Town Bridge Tower

Old Town Bridge Tower is considered one of the finest Gothic buildings in Europe. It is located in the Old Town, precisely in Křížovnické square, on the right river bank at the Charles Bridge.

It is a Gothic tower built by Peter Parléř in the 70s - 80s of the 14th century together with the bridge. The tower was built not only as fortification, but also represents the type of a triumphal arch. Under the rule of Charles IV. the way was established as a route for coronation processions, called Royal Route. The author of all sculptural decorations is Petr Parléř. In the 20th century, most of the large Gothic sandstone statues were taken down and gradually replaced by replicas.

There are 138 steps that will take you up, the height of of the tower is 47 meters above the bridge. The tower itself is built of sandstone blocks. The tower boasts its typical Gothic pointed arch gate, which, was possible to close in the past. The gateway of the tower is the unique Petr Parléř creation - with three arched vaults and a crown instead of the bolt. Today the first and second floors are accessible and also, the gallery on the roof.