Prague river cruises & tourist season 2013 |

Prague river cruises & tourist season 2013

Prague river cruises & tourist season 2013

As the memory and effects of the floods slowly fade and the summer sun shines over the Vltava tourists are again enjoying the beauty of Prague by boat.

It is interesting to note that last year Prague was visited by 5,397,531 tourists, but this year the figure has risen by 6.5%. Prague is the sixth most visited city in Europe, with many many Czechs as well as foreigners coming in to the city. Whilst the actual number of touristsis growing however, statistics show that people spend only half as much time here as in other Europen countries.

Some are of the opinion that this is due to a lack of quality services such as shops and restaurants and also adventure activities and entertainment such as theme parks.

Here at Prague Boats we strive to come up with fresh and innovative ideas each season as well as expanding our fleet with environmentally friendly boats such as the Elektronemo and Sarka.

This year one of our favourite cruises is the Prague Dinner Cruise. Warm summer evenings combined with the beautiful views of the Prague panorama really create aunique atmosphere in which our guests can enjoy a romantic and culinary treat!