Prague steamboats started the 148th season

It is incredible that the Cruise Lines of the Prague Steamboat Company are about to celebrate the 148th boating season since they first started to transport Prague locals and visitors in the city. Therefore, the most traditional Czech transport company has prepared a lot of novelties for this year, in which we are also celebrating the 75th birthday of the steamer Vyšehrad.

The Prague Steamboat Company newly launched collaboration with the Museum of Karel Zeman, which gained a great acclaim only in a few months after opening. The result of this collaboration is the combined trip - the tour of the museum and a scenic cruise to Čertovka, starting right at the museum.

An important result of the collaboration is a brand new form of a single Czech solar-powered vessel - a ship Elektronemo, which was built according to the original project of the Prague steam navigation. The appearance of the ship is inspired by Zeman’s poetics and offers a completely new experience from Prague Venice, the trip being suitable for adults as well as children.

The regular shipping lines, which the Prague Steamboat Company operates as a single company and does so without subsidies, will also be strengthened. Apart from the favorite lines to the zoo, which leave from two harbors, there will be a third platform – the Kampa dock, the only Czech certified environmental dock. From theKampa dock, there will also be a free connection to the line, which departs from the dock at the Hospital Na Františku.

The Prague Steamboat Company thus accommodates the increasing interest in the most convenient and enjoyable way of transport to the frequent destination of family outings. The line to the zoo from Rašínovo waterfront as well as the two long lines, used for day trips – the Slapská dam line and the line to Mělník town – will remain unchanged.

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