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Spring on the Vltava river

Spring is in full swing and so are our boats cruising the Vltava River, what cruises can you currently go on? Every day you can go on a One-hour cruise on the Vltava River, on which you will discover the highlights of Prague. For those who want to enjoy it for longer, it's best to opt for the Grand two-hour cruise, on which you'll also get to know the wider center of Prague, from which the lock separates us. Romantic souls will also enjoy an evening cruise with a glass of prosecco, which is regularly taken by our all-electric, environmentally friendly Marie d' Bohemia. Our most romantic cruise is considered to be the cruise to Čertovka. This ride through a blind arm of the Vltava River surrounded by original buildings will completely enchant you.

Of course, refreshments are also part of the enjoyable experience, so you can also eat well on the boat. Our flagship is the Crystal Dinner, a luxurious, romantic three-hour cruise with delicious food, live music and, above all, a wonderful atmosphere. We also highly recommend the Dinner cruise and for those who prefer more of a morning excursion, we recommend the excellent Lunch on a glass boat.