We watched the partial lunar eclipse from the riverbank

July 17 2019

Cruises with dinner culminated in a romantic opportunity to observe the partial lunar eclipse from Dvořák Embankment.

All romantic souls and astronomy enthusiasts had the opportunity to finish yesterday’s evening cruises with an observation of the partial lunar eclipse, and a few lucky ones with good eyesight could even see Jupiter and Saturn.

The Prague by Night cruise with dinner and dinner on a glass-boat Grand Bohemia on the Crystal Dinner Cruise culminated precisely at the moment when the partial lunar eclipse began above Prague. The maximum phase of the lunar eclipse, when the moon was concealed by the Earth’s shadow by over 60% of its diameter took place a half hour after the Lužnice boat docked and the Sweet Prague cruise disembarked. At that moment, guests could see the planets Saturn and Jupiter to the right of the moon.

Lunar eclipse

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