Dvořák Embankment

Dvořák Embankment runs from the street Na rejdišti to the Square of the Curies by the Čech Bridge. For automobile traffic this segment is one way upstream. Subsequently, from the Čech Bridge up to the Štefánik Bridge the traffic is bidirectional.

This is a fairly important transport communications, even though it belongs to the touristy center. Adjacent with the embankment is the hospital and monastery complex both called Na Františku. The segment of the waterfront from today’s Pařížská Street to Dušní Street used to be part of Sanytrová Street up until the 19th century. There used to be a spa on the embankment, yards with storage of timber, and production of saltpeter.

The embankment was built here in 1904 and it has been called Dvořákovo since its inception. In some periods, however, its entire eastern segment was referred to as street Na Františku. There are two major buildings on the embankment – the Faculty of Law of the Charles University built by architect Ladislav Machoň from the period of 1928 – 1929, and the building of the Conservatory.

On Dvořák Embankment you will also find the wharf of our boats. When taking one of our longer cruises you can see a wide range of Prague monuments that are lined up along the waterfront.