We would like to inform all customers that from 16th to 23rd of March 2015 will have to - due to reconstruction of the Smíchov locks - adjust two-hour and three-hour cruises of our company.

River section Smíchov locks - Vyšehrad will be redirected to the Helmovský weir and Holešovice, Liben and Troja area. Customers will have the unique opportunity of passing through the highest lock in Prague - Štvanice, to see Štvanice island with tennis courts, will be cruising under the oldest Negrelli railway viaduct and modernPrague Troja bridge. Cruise will pass around historic Prague ports in Holesovice and Liben. Modern architecture is represented in this area by Danube House and Light House.

The highlight of the cruise is the most beautiful Baroque residence in Prague: The Troja Castle. We believe that you will enjoy together with us this lesser known part of the city and you will be enriched as well.

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