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Štvanice Island

The Štvanice Island lies between Karlín and Holešovice and belongs to the cadastre area Holešovice.

In these places, the river was shallow and thus created a series of river islands. However, most of them disappeared in the regulation of the riverbed. Already at the end of the 17th century a wooden arena was established on the island, where until 1816 dog hunts were held on the diverse wildlife, but also cows, for example. Hence the name of the island.

Since 1877 there used to be a vaudeville-theatere as well as other attractions. In 1883 the wooden buildings of ice factories were built, and in the late 19th century already three restaurants were located on the island. Since 1914, at the end of the island there has been is a small hydro power plant, which was completely renovated including barrages and canal locks in the years 1984 to 1987.

At the same time, an area for water slalom was established. There was also a number of minor sports and leisure facilities, including an ice rink, which was finally demolished in 2011. In 1986 a Tennis facility Štvanice was opened.

In the eastern part of the island there used to be a public swimming pool. Across the island is the Negrelli viaduct and Hlávka Bridge that connects the left bank Embankment of Kapitán Jaroš and Bubenské Embankment with the rightbank Rohan Embankment. Under the island also runs the metro "C" line between the stations Florenc and Vltava.

You can sail along the Štvanice Island on one of our boats or steamboats.