Canal Lock in Smíchov

The floodgate Smíchov, also called the Smíchov Canal Lock is the water scale on the river Vltava. Located at the Janáček Embankment under the Petržilkovský Island, on the left side of the Children's Island. It originated because of the two historically older dams - Šítkovský and Staroměstský, and a system of canal locks. It was built the Lanna company in the years 1911 - 1922 and today it is one of the four canal locks in Prague.

It consists of four consecutive gates. From the apex of the Children's Island, the wall separated canal then continues along the Lesser Legion area under the Legion Bridge to the Old Town damn by the Sova's Mills. From the canal the well known left arm - Čertovka - branches off near the Legion Bridge.

On the right side of both dams there used to be historic water-stations - Šítkovský water-station at today's Slavic Island and Staroměstský by the Staroměstský damn by the Charles Bridge. On both sides of the Šítkovský dam there used to be water-stations - the Šítkovská water tower and the Malostranská water tower.

Maybe you'll notice that the canal lock Smíchov is the busiest canal lock on the river Vltava, which is intended mainly for tourist passenger traffic. It is run by state-owned company Vltava River-basin.