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Children's Island

Children's Island is located on the left bank at Janáček Embankment between Jirásek Bridge and the Legion Bridge. The island has an area of ​​1.83 hectares.

Previously, on this sight there used to be a few of smaller islands, whose shape and size varied with the silting of sand. The first mention of the islands dates back to 1355, but it got completely lost repeatedly due to the flooding. Until the 18th century it was named the Maltese Island according to Malá Strana monastery of the Virgin Mary under the Chain, to which it belonged.

The island acquired its present name in the early 60's of the 20th century, when an area of playgrounds was built here. In the years 1913 - 1916 the island was artificially extended during the construction of the canal lock at Smíchov. In the south part of the Petržilkovský Island became attached to it and on the north a long wall was built to separate the islands. The canal lock has two floodgates and crosses the Old Town dam and the Šítkovský dam. At the southern tip of the island there is also a water tower, called Petržilkovská.

Today the visitors can enjoy a complex of children playgrounds, playgrounds for football, ping - pong tables, a large chessboard and a skatepark. On the north side of the island there is a pylon with allegorical statues of the Vltava River and its tributaries.

Annually, right before All Souls' Day the members of the Vltavan association lay wreaths in memory of the victims of the river. A segmented bridge leads to on the island; it uses the support originally built for the planned bridge from Myslíkova Street.

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