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Janáček Embankment

Janáček Embankment is also part of the left-bank waterfront, which branches off from Lidická Street at the Palacký Bridge. In addition to the communication along the houses the reduced roadway coming from under the bridge is also part of Janáček Embankment. The roadway, however, is a continuation of The Upper Embankment. In parallel with these there is also the communication at the river bank, which is much closer to the river and which passes under the Jirásek Bridge.

Janáček Embankment passes the grade crossing on the left bridgehead of the Jirásek Bridge and continues along Petržilkovský and Children's Island to the Legion Bridge. The northern part of the embankment was called Ferdinand Embankment since the 80s 19th century. In the early 20thcentury the southern part became affiliated to Ferdinand Embankment, however, it is not known when precisely it was renamed to Janáčkovo Embankment.

If you take one of our cruises, you can explore Janáček Embankment in an unconventional way aboard one of our boats or steamboats. We can only recommend one of the longer cruises, such as a two-hour cruise, on which, among other things, you will experience the passage through the Smíchov lock.