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Imperial Island

The Imperial Island is the largest island in Prague and has an area of ​​about 29 hectars. It is situated on the Vltava River in the cadastral area of Bubeneč and is divided between the districts of Prague 6 and Prague 7. The present area of ​​the island was once also the sight of the Royal Park - Stromovka. The island is often confused with the Imperial Meadow.

In the years 1899 - 1902 there was built a shipping canal and a lock Podbaba. The canal is 2.8 kilometers long and at its top part it cuts the gardens belonging to the Royal park. The canal also broke the original river arm, running towards the Imperial Mill. This was largely filled up with soil. The so-called Little Brook is its torso preserved to this day.

On the right side of the Imperial Island there is probably the last natural stretch of the Vltava River bed in Prague with rapids. Unfortunately, the flood in 2002 took away the gardening colony, the playgrounds for dogs, the uncovered equestarian racecourses, and a large portion of valuable trees. After the disastrous floods, the well-known Prague riding area was newly built, including horse stables and a covered outdoor riding arenas.

Three bridges and a footbridge lead to the island. In 1967 a Central Wastewater Treatment Plant was set up on the island. At present, it is often discussed whether the plant needs modernization and extension.

We will take you along the Imperial Island on one of our boats or steamers.