Imperial Meadow |

Imperial Meadow

You will find the Imperial Meadow in Prague's Smíchov quarter. The island measures 1.7 kilometers in length and with its length reaches almost to the Railway Bridge. It is separated from the left bank by the Smíchov Port. You may be surprised today that this island was created artificially by excavating soil from the western half of the meadow in the years 1899 - 1903, at the time where the Smíchov Port was being built there.

This island is sometimes confused with the Imperial Island.

This area was previously called the Royal Meadow. It was actually a broad bank, on which in 1297 there was most probably held the big coronation feast of Wenceslas II. In 19th century, the meadow has become a favorite destination of Prague residents. It became the sight of many social and sporting events, including horse racing. At the same time in the late 19th century the island was a place of gold panning.

Currently, the island is a sight of a harbor full of small crafts, as well as a caravan camp, sport areas and a restaurant Cinda. The island is accessible at the south end of the bridge from Smíchov. Since 2008, the ferry for Prague 5 of the Prague Integrated Transport has a dock there.

Board on one of our boats and steamboats to go along the Imperial Meadow, we set sail there on any cruise longer than an hour.