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Lesser Town Embankment

The Lesser Town Embankment is quite short yet highly frequented by tourists. It is a picturesque part of the embankment leading from Legion Bridge all the way to Sova's Mills on the island of Kampa.

One part is built of stone and lined with a row of residential houses. They were built by well-known architect Josef Schulz upon the order of entrepreneur JindřichJechenthal in 1887 and 1888. The second part is formed by a partially reinforced river bank overgrown with grass and a path.

Originally, the embankment was to continue further and to connect with Kosárek Embankment. The  Čertovka or the Devil's Channel was to be filled up during the landscaping and development of the river bank. Fortunately, these plans from the early 20th century were never executed, namely thanks to the efforts of the Club for Old Prague, which was committed to preserving the original character of Kampa and the Lesser Town.

The embankment has been called the Lesser Town Embankment since 1905.

You will best see the Lesser Town Embankment during one of our longer cruises, such as the two-hour cruise or the Sweet Prague cruise.