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Railway Bridge

The fourth Prague bridge over the Vltava River is considered to be the Railway Bridge. It is interesting that the bridge actually has no official name. The general designation of "railway bridge" has become so deeply rooted that it became its name. According to its location it is sometimes called the "Vyšehrad Bridge".

The railway bridge connects the railway tracks leading from the Smíchov Train Station to the Main Train Station. It thus connects the right-bank Výtoň under Vyšehrad with the left-bank Smíchov. Its predecessor, which stood there before, was only the single-track bridge. With its three pillars and five arches it measured 196.3 meters and was already made of steel.

The present bridge dates back to 1900 - 1901 and is a two-track bridge. It consists of three beams with a span of 69.9 meters and it is 8.1 m wide. In addition, both sides have annexed sidewalks for pedestrians. It is interesting that in 1939, when the right-hand traffic in Prague was introduced, the pedestrians had to use the left sidewalk on this and other bridges on the Vltava River.

It has been discussed for some time whether the current bridge should be replaced by an entire new one. So far, no particular decision has taken place. The advantage of the new bridge would be that it could be used not only by trains, but also by cars, pedestrians and cyclists. The question is when, how and if at all this plan will be implemented.

You have the opportunity to see the Railway Bridge during some of our longer cruises. You can also choose on which of the boats and steamers of our fleet you will take the cruise.