The Bohemia Rhapsody boat hosted a “Ruby Wedding”

June 16 2019

PRAGUE BOATS is the perfect partner not just for corporate events, but also for private celebrations and family anniversaries!

A happy couple celebrated their 40th anniversary with their entire family as well as friends in extraordinary style on a PRAGUE BOATS ship. Up to 90 guests were greeted on the modern, glassed-in boat, the Bohemia Rhapsody, with not only sunny weather, but—more importantly—amazing catering, lavish floral arrangements, and customised decorations.

Allow yourself to be inspired by the photo gallery below, that shows that modern, glassed-in boats are the perfect place not just for corporate parties, but also for family gatherings and private events. During your cruise, you have the opportunity to admire the monuments in the heart of Prague—such as Charles’ Bridge, the Dancing House, National Theatre, and Vyšehrad, and take your picture in front of the breathtaking panorama of the Prague Castle.

Our boats offer comprehensive services—from catering through layout modifications, to supplementary programmes and decorations.

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