We have planted 10 000 trees in the Central Bohemia Region

September 5 2019

PRAGUE BOATS operates the most modern fleet of boats in Prague, including electric propulsion vessels. We regularly invest in the replacement of boats, and we install new, modern engines in older boats that emit less pollutants in the exhaust emissions.

Because we want not only to protect our environment, but also to actively contribute to its improvement, we have decided to plant trees that hold a huge amount of emissions in nature.

During the photosynthesis process, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air while releasing oxygen. In one year, a hundred m2 of forest absorbs the amount of carbon dioxide produced by one car on its way to Croatia. Just imagine how much carbon dioxide the 10,000 trees we planted in the Central Bohemian Region will absorb! We respected the natural species composition of the forest during planting, which consists mainly of oaks, beeches, ash trees, larches, pines and firs.

In addition to carbon dioxide absorption, trees have the ability to capture fine dust particles that are carcinogenic as well as cool their surroundings. These features are invaluable especially in cities. Therefore, on our new boarding pier at the boat Grand Bohemia on Dvořákovo nábřeží and on a tug boat with seating Primátor Dittrich on Rašínovo nábřeží you can see full-grown plane trees. This year alone, we planted 40 plane trees on the PRAGUE BOATS pontoons, which are the ideal species for the city because of their resistance to air pollution.

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