Ekologická plavidla

Our long-term goal is to build a completely ecological fleet with neither exhalations nor noise, hence with no burden on the environment. The dust particles from the engines of our boats are so low that they are virtually unmeasurable.

At the moment the average age of our engines is only 3 years. We have achieved this comprehensive modernization of our fleet by regular renovations, engine replacements for newer and greener ones and, last but not least, replacement of the whole boats.

On our cruises there are supermodern low-emission eco-boats such as Grand Bohemia or Agnes de Bohemia. Boats such as Bohemia Rhapsody, Sarka or Bivoj sail are on hybrid drive. Jan Hus, Elvira and Elektornemo are powered by the electric propulsion.

We intend to move in the same direction as the automotive industry, to green the operation and search for alternative drives.

Name of the boatYear of productionAge of the engine/s 
Lužnice  2010  8
Kotva  2014  4+4
Bohemia  2012  6
Andante  2017  1
Valencia  2011  7
Labe  2018  0
Cecílie  2017  1+1
Agnes de Bohemia  2014  4
Bohemia Rhapsody  2015  3
Grand Bohemia  2018  0 + 0

Calculation: 39 (sum of engine ages) : 13 (number of motors) = 3 years (average age)

Where to find us

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