Aleš Embankment

If you feel like taking a walk along the Aleš Embankment you will be pleasantly surprised by a quiet lane tucked away from from the traffic leading from Platnéřská Street behind the hotel Four Seasons and the art school building, through Jan Palach Square, around Mánes Bridge and around the Rudolfinum, to the street Na rejdišti.

Based on the plans of Prague by Leopold Herget (1791) and Joseph Jüttner (1811) we can assume that today's Aleš Embankment was almost deserted around 1840. However, this is where the vibrant connection with the opposite bank of the Lesser Town existed – there was a ford crossing, which was later transformed into a chain foot bridge. It is not so long ago that the waterfront behind the Rudolfinum served as a parking lot for tour buses.

Since 1870 the embankment was called the Lower Embankment (the local ferry was also called the Lower, while opposite to Kampa there was the Upper Ferry and Upper Embankment). The embankment has been called Aleš since 1919. The most notable building on the embankment is the House of Artists – the Rudolfinum concert hall with Dvořák’s concert hall and exhibition rooms of the National Gallery.

When taking some of our longer cruises along the Aleš Embankment you can explore a wide range of Prague's landmarks, such as the Rudolfinum or one of the smallest islands in Prague – Křížovnický Island. Find out more about the destinations of our boats and steamboats in our animation.