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Petržilkovský Island

The smallest Prague Vltava island – the Petržilkovský Island measures only 60 meters in length and 10 meters in width. It is located in the vicinity of the Children's Island by Janáček Embankment near Jirásek Bridge. It is not open to the public.

During the Hussite Wars, The Old Towners seized part of Kampa Island and the Lesser Town river banks. The Lesser Towner therefore had no choice but to build their water tower outside the city perimeter. They then took advantage of the fact that in 1483 the Lesser Towners allowed the baker Jan Petržilka – the Lesser Town burgess - to build a new mill. It was at the scene of the fire of the Carthusian monastery, destroyed in the Hussite revolts.

In 1502 the Lesser Town community built here waterworks and a wooden water tower, which was later rebuilt of brick and stone. In the years 1547 - 1561 the island was confiscated by King Ferdinand I of Habsburg. In 1859 the island was bought by municipality of Prague.

During the construction of the Smíchov lock canal part of the Petržilkovský Island became part of the Children's Island and the rest was greatly reduced.

You can see the Petržilkovský Island you from the deck of our boats and steamboats if you join us, for example, on our two-hour cruise, where you will also go experience the passage through the Smíchov lock canal.