Private boat cruises – a tip for this summer!

May 26 2019

Who would not be tempted to be close to water in a hot summer, where the climate is much more pleasant. And even better than water, you will be on the water! All you have to do is rent a small ecological boat and go on a private cruise with our captain.

The advantage of these small boats is undoubtedly that you have it purely for yourself and your company, you get to places where large boats can not and will certainly appreciate their ecological operation. You will not be deprived of refreshments, which you can choose from our offer and order in advance in the form of chilled drinks, wine, soft drinks as well as small refreshments.

We can recommend you especially our modern and comfortable boats Šemík and Horymír, romantic mahogany boats Šárka, Libuše, Vlasta or boats type aquacabrio Elvíra or Jan Hus.

Private hire of small boats

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